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Content creation is being liberalised to a level never seen before with phones like the Galaxy S21 series offering powerful 8K video capture capabilities in a pocket-sized form factor. Now, you stand the chance to win a Galaxy S21 Ultra in the Samsung #MYCaptureLikeAPro contest in Malaysia.

The Samsung #MYCaptureLikeAPro contest allows aspiring auteurs to win one of 3 Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones by showcasing their videography skills by participating in 3 different themes taking places, one a week across three weeks from today until 18th May 2021.

Each week will see one selected winner based on that theme. You get (1) A day in life (2) Love from a distance and (3) Dance of freedom.

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Samsung #MYCaptureLikeAPro contest details

There’s no limits from stopping you trying your luck in all three weeks to win but there are a few caveats of course. Each submission should be a 21-second video and it has to be captured using a Galaxy series smartphone.

The exception here is that it doesn’t say which generation and Samsung has a long history and extensive line-up of successful phones not including this year’s Galaxy S21 series like the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S10 series and more stretching back and all you need is one of them to capture video for the competition.

The captured video should be no more than 21 seconds long and uploaded to Instagram based on the weekly theme and participants will need to follow the official @SamsungMalaysia Instagram account. 

Once uploaded, you’ll need to hashtag #MYCaptureLikeaPro #withGalaxy #SamsungPhoneModel (eg #SamsungGalaxyS20) with your entry.

You’ll also need to tag @SamsungMalaysia and 2 friends in your post and that you and your friends accounts follow and set their status to public too. For more details, swing by on the Samsung #MYCaptureLikeAPro contest, please visit

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