Samsung launches their QLED TVs in Malaysia

Samsung launches their QLED TVs in Malaysia

Officially launched earlier this year in New York, Samsung’s latest generation of QLED TVs come with a host of functionality and design improvements on top of beefed up imaging quality and they’re now officially coming to Malaysia.

Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics showcasing the new Q9F QLED TV

Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics showcasing the new Q9F QLED TV

The new QLEDs offer superior colour rendition, superb contrast and crisp 4K resolution and are designed around three broad design philosophies by Samsung dubbed Q Picture, Q Style and Q Smart, each of which encompasses a particular aspect of the new QLED TVs.


Samsung Q Picture


To fulfill the philosophy of Q Picture, which revolves around offering superior picture and imaging quality, the new Samsung QLED TV line-up offers direct full array backlighting which is capable of delivering much deeper blacks and purer whites while reducing the light blooming and halo effects. The new QLED TVs that are 55-inches in size and up are also augmented with an Anti-Reflection layer to ensure superior viewing angles and to further enhance contrast on top of displaying 4K resolution imagery onscreen.

The new QLED 65-inch Q9F TVs compared with a slightly older conventional 4K LCD TV panel

The new QLED 65-inch Q9F TVs compared with an older conventional 4K LCD TV panel with markedly superior whites and contrast

The new QLED TVs are also powered by what Samsung calls the Q Engine image processor to dynamically upscale existing content to near UHD resolution. The QLED TVs also support HDR10 as well as Samsung’s new HDR10+ standard that integrates dynamic metadata, allowing for better contrast on supported content.


Samsung Q Style


In terms of Q Style, Samsung has made the TVs seamlessly part of one’s home decor by introducing exceptionally slim and flat display panels that can be easily mounted to a wall without the need for skilled labour with an optional no-gap wall mount.

The new Samsung QLED TVs for 2018 offer a superbly slim design when viewed form the side

The new Samsung QLED TVs for 2018 offer a superbly slim design when viewed form the side

In order to further enhance its aesthetic properties, the new QLED TV come with a One Invisible Connection that integrates power and connectivity to keep things neat and tidy; there’s only one nigh-invisible cable leading out of the TV and into a separate One Connect box that integrates all of the TVs sundry ports and connections into a compact package Combined, this strikes for an impressive look and feel as the QLED TV is essentially akin to a picture moving frame of sorts in form and function.

The Magic Made on the new QLED 2018 TVs.

The Magic Mode on the new QLED 2018 TVs that seamlessly melds the TVs with a series of smooth background images.

This illusion is further enhanced by their new Magic Mode that has a selection of low-power background images and the ability to play soft music in the background while offering real-time information such as the weather or news headlines. The new QLED TV’s Quantum Dot panels also effectively eliminate burn-in issues and allows for minimal energy expenditure.


Samsung Q Smart

To encompass their Q Smart philosophy, the new QLED TVs are made to not only be easier to physically install but also a darned lot easier to setup too as they can pair up with your smartphone via the free SmartThings app to populate your telly with all your content streaming accounts like Spotify, NetFlix and the like without you having to laboriously type each and every one of them into your TV. The new QLED TVs also integrated a bunch of gaming-friendly features includling SteamLink support and a variable fresh rate to minimise tearing onscreen when gaming. They also offer Bixby support too which allows for a modicum of voice commands to access content.

The One Remote that allows for users to control the new QLED TVs as well as connected hardware

The slick One Remote that allows for users to control the new QLED TVs as well as connected hardware

Which Samsung QLED TVs are coming to Malaysia?


For Malaysia, Samsung is coming with a huge line-up that encompasses their QLED TVs as well as a range of complementary soundbars to further augment their audio quality. Leading the line-up is their Q9F 4K Smart QLED TVs with the 75-inch variant retailing for RM34,904 and the 65-inch retailing for RM18,866.

Slightly down the line are Samsung’s Q8C 4K Curved Smart TVs that incorporate curved panels for better immersion with the Q8C curved smart TV retailing for 65-inch RM16,980 and the 55-inch version retailing for RM9,433.

Lower down the line, the Q7F 4K smart QLED TVs come in 75-inch (RM31,131), 65-inch (RM15,093) and 55-inch (RM8,489) sizes. The new prices are shown with 0% GST and the new TVs are available starting from 1 June 2018.

To celebrate the launch, Samsung is offering a special complimentary “Samsung Exclusive Launch Offer” for Q9F, Q8C and Q7F QLED TVs purchased in Malaysia. You can opt for the Ultimate Care package worth up to RM5,282 that offers a free Samsung soundbar as well as an additional 3 free years of extended warranty for your telly or the Total Entertainment Solution package that throws in a free Samsung Atmos Soundbar worth up to RM5,659 or the Perfect Gaming Cmpanion package that offers  a free OLED curved gaming monitor worth up to RM4,150. The three new packages are on the house and are available for QLED Q9F, Q8C and Q7F purchases from 4 to 16 June 2018. For more details, swing by