Samsung Agnes international women's Day cover

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we took the time out to have a chat with six members of Samsung Malaysia to discover what kind of tech powers them through their day and what is the dream that powers them to succeed in their work and life too. 

International Women’s Day – Khaizanita Binti Zakaria, Power Woman

As a team leader in one of the world’s largest corporations while managing a family requires a special set of skills that include superb multitasking and impeccable time management. Khaizanita understands the demands she has to meet on a daily basis and believes today’s women are amazing. 

International Women’s Day - Khaizanita Binti Zakaria samsung

We wear so many different hats today as a worker, supervisor, team player, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, tax payer, hence our ability to multitask is far greater. Our lives may be split between being the loving, caring, supportive woman domestically and the leader at work,” said Khaizanita. 

To help keep work and life on track, Khaizanita relies on the immense power and performance of the Galaxy Z Fold3 that enables her to multitask with ease. The addition of Flex mode which allows for a hands-free video call anywhere on the go allows her to join in video call meetings while multitasking on key meeting notes at the bottom to ensure effective and efficient productivity.

On the home front, she relies on the Jet Bot AI+ smart robotic vacuum cleaner that uses cutting-edge object-recognition technology for intelligent, effective home cleaning. In keeping with Samsung’s approach to creating synergistic ecosystems, she takes advantage of the SmartThings app on her Galaxy Z Fold3 to efficiently schedule which rooms to clean and when so that she can spend more time with family instead of chores.

International Women’s Day – Angel Ng Xin Ying, Next Gen Storyteller

Dancer and content creator, Angel believes young women should be fearless and always take a chance to learn and try new things. 

Now is the time to try, explore and improve on your interests, soft and hard skills. Women today should no longer be judged on certain things that were considered unwomanly in the past,” said Angel. To make every day epic, Angel relies on her Galaxy S21 FE in Lavender and Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch

I currently love the S21 FE the most, mainly because of its aesthetic and camera. Plus, the lavender pastel version is one of my favourite colours! It has enhanced my content creation as I can now produce beautiful content and record dance covers that look professional and flawless.”

International Women’s Day - Angel Ng Xin Ying, Samsung

“I’m also really amazed with the Galaxy Watch4’s ability to measure body composition conveniently. I believe I’m healthier than ever before now. I try to avoid sitting the whole day at work, as the watch will remind me to move around between hours”, said Angel. 

International Women’s Day Emma Ho, Avid Explorer 

As an avid reader, Emmo Ho seeks to broaden her horizons and knowledge while realising the fact that life experiences can shape one’s perspectives. “It’s important to recognise that we all have different realities. My reality in urban KL is very different from the reality of a woman in rural Kelantan, for example. As much as our similarities matter, so do our differences. What I would like, moving forward, is for women to empathise with and understand each other better. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much credibility when we claim to speak or demand on behalf of women,” said Emma.

Currently, Emma is part of the rollout of the upcoming The Freestyle smart projector that will broaden anyone’s horizons with its portability and compact design.

samsung International Women’s Day - Emma Ho, Avid Explorer 

The Freestyle is the world’s first, truly personal projector. I owned a projector back when I was in university, but no way does it compare to the technology that we have now. The portability and versatility of The Freestyle breaks the boundaries of traditional screens and enables you to invent and enjoy new methods of entertainment.”

International Women’s Day – Suzanna Ng, Travel Enthusiast

As an avowed travel enthusiast, Suzanna constantly seeks new opportunities for growth when she’s not globe trotting and learning about new cultures. The nature of the environment means she’s constantly improving and learning.

samsung suzanna International Women’s Day

Samsung is at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. So I’ve been given a great opportunity to grow into my potential and am constantly seeking to improve and stay relevant. I enjoy working on track towards our overall objective,” said Suzanna.

To help her stay on track, she has her functional yet stylish Galaxy Z Flip3 5G that lets her express her individuality while taking multitasking to the next level. With the Multi-Active Window feature, she can play a video, look up the information in it and respond to her team all at the same time. Its compact form, various colour options and accessories allow her to customise her device to express herself.  

International Women’s Day – Qistina Binti Zainir, Fearless Skater 

When she’s not roller skating, she effortlessly glides through her role as a Management Associate in Samsung Malaysia. She passionately believes women must continue to speak strongly, to bring issues that affect them to the forefront. 

“Today we’re not immediately or completely shut down from speaking about women’s issues more publicly, more casually, and more regularly. It’s liberating to be able to educate the people around me as a result of the ability to speak more freely about women’s issues.”

International Women’s Day

Qistina’s go-to product is her Galaxy Buds Pro which she pairs with her Galaxy A52s 5G. “I’m quite a fan of the Galaxy Buds Pro. The sound quality is pretty amazing and the housing is small and compact so it’s easy to carry around. The Active Noise Cancelling feature immensely upgrades my content watching experience!” said Qistina. 

International Women’s Day  – Agnes Wong, Epic Achiever 

Agnes understands the challenges and rewards that come with working in a major brand that’s reshaping the world. “To be successful in a cutting edge company, I have to love variety, I have to be entrepreneurial and explore different possibilities and I have to modify and improve on the ways I tackle problems. This is the exciting part of my job – doing things that haven’t been done before and continuously pushing the envelope,” said Agnes.

Samsung Agnes international women's Day

To power through her day, Agnes relies on her Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G which is equipped with the latest 4nm processor, so she can enjoy unrivalled performance on her most-used apps, for work or entertainment. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G’s powerful battery also ensures she has a full day of use in a single charge. 

And when she needs a larger screen for work, she can use Quick Share with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to share photos, videos and devices between devices fast and seamlessly. Giving her the tools to do more.

She adds, “Women are resilient. No matter what life throws at us, we rise above and thrive.”