Samsung Family Hub IDEA 2020

Samsung Electronics swept the field at the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards, also known as IDEA 2020 with a staggering 48 awards in the form of one Gold, four Silver awards, four Bronze and one Best-in-Show award.

For the uninitiated, the IDEA 2020 awards celebrate the best in design for products spanning across multiple categories and are hosted annually since 1980 and are widely considered as the most influential design awards in the United States. Held virtually on Sept 16 this year, the rigorous criteria for selection in IDEA 2020 covers a host of requirements including assessing the benefit to both the user and society as well as design innovation. 

Samsung Family Hub IDEA 2020

In IDEA 2020, Samsung’s exquisite Family Hub UX for their smart connected refrigerators won the Gold award for delivering a user-centric experience and outstanding innovation. Add in seamless connectivity with a host of mobile apps and consumers can quite literally stay in touch, leave notes and above all, see what’s in the Family Hub fridge without needing to open the fridge door.

idea 2020 bespoke fridge

The Samsung Bespoke Fridge won Silver for its customisable modular design and sizes which can be ordered to spec. For Best-in-Show, Samsung won a special award for the Bespoke Family Hub UX and Bespoke Fridge in recognition of their excellence in design.

idea 2020 upcycleOther notable mentions that won silver include Samsung’s Upcycling Solution for TV packaging. Typically discarded in the trash, the packaging can be repurposed to create unique sets of small furniture like a cat tower or TV stand, allowing users to make full use of not only the TV but the packaging that came with it too. This innovation also won the 2020 CES Innovation Awards earlier this year. For more details on the other awards, swing by Samsung’s official newsroom at

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