Samsung #IChanged campaign lets you experience the Galaxy S10+ for 21 glorious days

Samsung #IChanged campaign lets you experience the Galaxy S10+ for 21 glorious days

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is currently the most powerful phone in their line-up until the arrival of the Galaxy Note10 in a few months. The Galaxy S10+ bring to the table an impressive 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, their latest Exynos 9820 octacore and an OIS-stabilised triple camera array with optical zoom and an ultrawide lens. The sheer number of features available on the phone makes it daunting to experience with just a casual experience on the showroom floor but Samsung is putting their money on you loving their phone to bits as their #iChanged campaign lets you test the Galaxy S10+ for 21 days with the option to return it at no cost if you’re not happy with the experience.

Essentially, the #iChanged has you plunking down a deposit for the Galaxy S10+ at its retail price of RM3,699 for the 128GB variant and you are able to field test the phone for 21 days. After you have tested it, you have the option to keep the phone on the 21st day and get a free Galaxy Buds as well as a Galaxy Fit e to sweeten the pot. If you elect to return the Galaxy S10+ after the trial period, you’ll still get your money back and a Galaxy Fit e as a parting gift.

Samsung ichanged campaign

Naturally, there’s some fine print and the offer is not available nationwide as it is specifically only available at the Samsung Experience Store at the Gardens mall from 14 June to 7 July 2019. The returned unit also needs to be returned intact with all its accessories of course.

To find out more about the #iChanged programme swing by and to sign up for the #iChanged Galaxy S10+ experience programme, fill in your personal details here

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