Samsung Galaxy S21 Youtube Premium cover

Imagine this – you’re watching YouTube and …bang you get a commercial slapped in your face to endure for the next few minutes. Well, not if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone as selected phones from the family will have 4 free months of YouTube Premium.

Samsung Galaxy Youtube Premium

What this means is that for those 4 months on YouTube Premium, you get to blissful ad-free enjoyment on YouTube, the option to download clips to watch later when you’re in areas with dodgy reception and background play support so that you can keep playing a track even when your phone is off or you’re doing other stuff among other sundry benefits.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series One UI Youtube Premium

How to get Youtube Premium with Samsung Galaxy phones

This deal is eligible when you buy a Galaxy S21 series phone and all 2021 premium Galaxy series smartphones and tablets like the Galaxy Note series, Galaxy Z Flip and Tab S slates.

If your needs are more pedestrian, fret not as buying any other Samsung phone or tablet still gets you 2 months of YouTube premium free once your device has been purchased and activated after 6th March 2021 until 5th March 2022.

Youtube Premium Samsung

For more details, check out Samsung’s official page here

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