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Samsung Galaxy Week deals lets you buy the powerful Galaxy S21 5G for just RM2,999

Launched earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series remains one of the most powerful mainstream phones that money can buy in 2021. Now, as part of the Samsung Galaxy Week Deals promotion, you can buy their top of the line Galaxy S21 series at seriously good discounts including their compact yet potent Galaxy S21 5G 128GB for just RM2,999.

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Samsung Galaxy Week deal – Galaxy S21 5G 128GB for RM2,999!

The Samsung Galaxy Week deals start from today and lasts until 24th October 2021 with a changing roster of weekly deals so you’ll have to check back in regularly to their Samsung online e-store to find out what’s on special.

To kick things off with the Samsung weekly deals, they’re offering the entire Galaxy S21 range in multiple storage sizes at special promotional rates. Here’s how much they cost on special:

Samsung Galaxy Week deals  s21

Some particularly standout deals include the Galaxy S21 5G 128GB version which is discounted down to RM2,999, a 14% discount from its original RM3,499. Its slightly larger 256GB variant is just RM3,199, a 14% discount down from its original RM3,699.

The Galaxy S21+ 128GB is going for RM3,499 (13% discount off its original RM3,999) while the Galaxy S21+ 256GB version is going for RM3,799 (12% discount off RM4,299). Even the Galaxy S21 Ultra, one of the most powerful Android phones for 2021 is enjoying discounts as part of the Samsung Galaxy Week Deals with the top of the line Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB version going for 10% off to knock the price down to RM4,499 down from RM4,999.

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We’ve tested most of the Galaxy S21 range and they remain among the smoothest, best performing phones that money can buy. More importantly, they all benefit from their Samsung Advantage customer care programme that include the ability to easily and seamlessly switch over all your data and content from other competing brand phones via Smart Switch, get their industry leading Samsung Care+ protection options to protect your phone from accidental damage and top notch customer support too.

You can check out our Galaxy S21 review here and our Galaxy S21 Ultra review here. And add their Samsung Galaxy Week Deals page to your bookmarks and keep and eye out for new bargains!