Samsung Galaxy Watch helps the lads at Epique+Fitness get in shape

Samsung Galaxy Watch helps the lads at Epique+Fitness get in shape

As the latest wearable from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch has a veritable cornucopia of features that make it ideal for those looking for a stylish fitness wearable as the lads at Epique+Fitness discovered when they experienced the Galaxy Watch for themselves.

In an exclusive one-day event, a selected band of fitness enthusiasts got to experience the Galaxy Watch for themselves via three special classes dubbed FIGHT, HIIT and BRO-GA. The watch helped the lads monitor all their critical vitals that include their heart rate, calories expended and other vital statistics .

For the uninitiated, the Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes depending on your tastes – 46mm with a 1.3-inch display and a smaller 42mm with a 1.2-inch display. Both sizes use Super AMOLED panels to ensure luscious colour rendition.

The Galaxy Watch runs Tizen OS and works with iPhones and the vast majority of Android phones to not only tell the time but the aforementioned fitness data and other important notifications from your phone too. The Galaxy Watch offers a week’s worth of battery life with normal use, is water resistant to an IP68 rating and has changeable wrist straps too. It retails for RM1,299 and is available at all good stockists and retailers nationwide. For more details swing by


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