Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition phone work site

Most of us are familiar with Samsung’s array of consumer tech like their recent Galaxy S21 series, their array of tablets and the like but they’re now taking things up a notch as they’ve introduced their Galaxy Enterprise Edition in Malaysia with services and devices intended for corporate use.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices and services to support digital transformation in Malaysia

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation efforts of organisations in rethinking enterprise communications, especially for field workers. To this end, we launched the Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition in Malaysia to enable organisations to implement hybrid working models, without compromising on security. Our out-of-the-box solutions mean customers can easily set up and run an enterprise mobile ecosystem securely, remotely, and without hassle,” said Edward Han, President of Samsung Electronics Malaysia.

What is Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition in Malaysia

Phones, tablets and other gear intended for corporate use aren’t radically different, so to speak, from the models that we are familiar with, but have an emphasis on protection, the ability to easily manage large numbers of them and enhanced end-to-end security to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.

The Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition line-up is pretty new in Malaysia so far with only the Galaxy XCover 5, a tough 4G LTE capable phone for mobile workers out in the field that tend to operate in rougher locales. With a replaceable battery and ease of use even with gloves, the XCover 5 is currently making the rounds in Malaysia.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition phone front render

To be specific, Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices are slightly different from the stock gear you can buy off the shelf. For starters, they’re made to last a lot longer and will have an extended product lifecycle and longer than usual availability for spare parts and repairs beyond that of a similar consumer grade phone.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition phones also have regular security updates that last for 4-5 years on top of Samsung Knox defence-grade security as well as the ability to push out firmware updates (E-FOTA) to manage large numbers of Enterprise Edition phones en masse rather than having to update them individually.

Another benefit is centralised fleet management, allowing IT administrators to customise phones out of the box for specific company needs like, for example, limiting usage of certain apps. For more details check out

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