The predecessor of this year’s newly launched Samsung Galaxy Buds+ wireless earbuds, the original Samsung Galaxy Buds have just been priced down from RM499 to RM349, which is a good RM150 difference.

Samsung Galaxy Buds reprice

In terms of differences, the original Galaxy Buds have half the playtime and approximately half the battery life and take a wee bit longer to charge. Rather than the 2-way speaker and three mics on the Galaxy Buds+, the original Galaxy Buds has a single driver and two mics.

Galaxy Buds new price

Even so, it still enjoys wireless charging support via the bundled charging case and still does a solid job, more so for what you pay for now at its new RM349 price point.

For more casual listeners, the original Galaxy Buds solid and cheaper option versus the new Galaxy Buds+ which currently retail at RM599 in the market. You can check out our prior review and see what the original Galaxy Buds are all about here.

In the meantime, you can check out Samsung’s official page that highlights the key differences of both their wireless earbuds at a glance here.

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