The Samsung Galaxy A51 is the world’s best selling Android smartphone.

It’s a known fact that there are way more Android phones out there in the market and even more being sold by the day than due to the sheer variety of devices available from entry-level to premium flagship phones but Samsung has managed to score a fait accompli as their Galaxy A51 which launched earlier this year is currently the world’s best selling Android smartphone model.

Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71
The Galaxy A51 and larger Galaxy A71 side by side at CES 2020

According to Strategy Analytics, there are 275 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2020 with Android smartphones accounting for 86% of that total. Out of this total, the Samsung Galaxy A51 4G model, which is what is currently available in Malaysia, accounted for a 2.3% share of all smartphones shipped globally in quarter one with exceptional popularity in Europe and Asia.

galaxy a51
Samsung’s Galaxy S20+, including 4G and 5G variants, was the third best selling smartphone in the world with 1.7% market share and is apparently the only super-premium smartphone to rank on the list. Interestingly, their Galaxy A10s also sold in spades at 1.6% and the Galaxy A20s at 1.4%. Rounding off other smartphones that made the list including Xiaomi’s Redmi 8 in second position with 1.9% and their Redmi Note8 at 1.6%.

This is likely due to Samsung’s aggressive pricing on the Galaxy A51 and a solid array of specifications for what you pay for with a large battery, a good camera and a large AMOLED display. 

The Samsung Galaxy A51 also enjoyed massive star billing with BLACKPINK creating a unique dance just for the phone that’s still running in the back of our heads to this day.

When the Galaxy A51 originally shipped earlier this year, it only came with 6GB RAM but they’ve beefed it up with a revamped version that has 8GB RAM while keeping the rest of the hardware the same along with a slightly increased RM1,399 price tag.

Get the Galaxy A51 8GB for RM1,299 with a price rebate

Fortunately, there’s a way to get the Galaxy A51 8GB at a slightly cheaper price that’s equal to the older 6GB model as Samsung Malaysia is having an instant RM100 rebate when you buy the phone at selected outlets so you can effectively get it for just RM1,299. In Malaysia, the Galaxy A51 is available in Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Blue. For a list of participating retail outlets that are able to issue the rebate, check out their official page here. You’ll have to hustle though as the rebate is only good till the end of the month.

Galaxy A51 hero

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