Samsung Festive Season Promos

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Samsung is offering a slew of promotions as part of their Samsung Festive Season Promos to class up your home that include free Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit, discounts on selected appliances and more which are ongoing until 20th February 2022.

Samsung Festive Season Promos

Samsung Festive Season Promos Highlights

Among the slew of promotions that Samsung has available are their 85-inch QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV that typically retails for RM49,999 but for the duration of the Samsung Festive Season Promos , you’ll get a free RM6,000 Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit as well as a slim Fit wall bracket to mount the QLED TV itself worth RM499 which is exceptional value indeed. You can check out their exact QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV promo including the fine print here.

Samsung Festive Season Promos QLED 8K TV

For home owners who want a big screen but only have so much space to work with, the Samsung 4K UHD Ultra short throw LSP9T triple laser projector is just the right tool for the job for a cinematic experience in a compact form factor. For the promotion, they’re offering a huge RM6,000 in Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit. You can check out the deal here.

Samsung Festive Season LSP9T Promos LSP9T

Some other interesting deals of note include their Smart Air purifier that typically retails at RM1,799 but which is going for RM1,599 for the duration of the deal while their front load washer dryer Ecobubble 21KG wash and 12KG dry machine comes with a free microwave grill oven worth RM799 and RM400 in Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit. You can check out that deal here.

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