The basic form factor of a fridge hasn’t changed much over the years but Samsung aims to make it significantly smarter with their new Family Hub fridge that was showcased today in an experiential session by the brand.
Samsung family Hub fridge
Intended to act as a proverbial and literal centerpiece of a home kitchen, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has a 21.5-inch 1080P touchscreen on the front and runs Samsung’s own Tizen 4.0 firmware to offer a variety of interesting applications centered on food management and staying in touch with fellow family members.
samsung family hub fridge 2
The Samsung Family Hub fridge lets you add reminders, pictures sent from paired phones, browse the web, take Bluetooth voice calls and more in the manner of a conventional tablet, albeit one integrated into a fridge.
Samsung family hub fridge inside
Where it differs is that it has a number of food management centric features as you’re able to browse from a variety of recipes, add reminders on what food is expiring or what you have in stocked and, interestingly enough, it has a 2MP 720P camera pointed inwards towards the top two shelves of the chiller section.
Samsung family hub fridge 2
Rather than having to play a constant guessing game of ‘what do i have in stock’, the inward-pointing camera lets you immediately see what’s in the important parts of your fridge for shopping expeditions as you can remotely access it off your smartphone via a downloadable Family Hub app.
The fridge is also able to access other connected devices tied into the SmartThings ecosystem like air conditioners and the like, which is where it’s role as a centerpiece of the home comes into play.
The Samsung Family Hub also acts as a surprisingly adept entertainment device as you’re able to stream video off YouTube and play music off Spotify too via a pair of stereo speakers with 25W of power to kick out some seriously loud sound.
samsung family hub centre

Samsung Family Hub Price

Smart features aside, the Samsung Family Hub offers 660L of gross storage capacity and a side-by-side design for easy access to all your grub. The Samsung Family Hub retails for RM8,999 and is available nationwide in Malaysia.

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