The usual travails of having to be tethered to a power cord when using a vacuum cleaner are over as Samsung has rolled out their cordless POWERstick PRO vacuum cleaner for Malaysia that aims to make keeping the home spic and span much easier as you can use it anywhere at home on account of its built-in battery pack that offers 40 minutes of use away from the mains.

The Samsung POWERstick PRO strikes a modernesque look about it with chromed accents and an ergonomically angled pistol-style trigger as well as quite a few modern sensibilities in regards to its design. The design is centred around a digital inverter motor capable of spinning at 5,000rpm to allow it to suck up dust, dirt, pet hair, cookie crumbs and almost everything else festooning the floor with 150W of suction power, that could help you keep on top of your house cleaning schedule and keep your how clean.

Master Chef Brian Chen sharing how the Samsung POWERstick PRO helps clean up after him in the kitchen

Master Chef Brian Chen sharing how the Samsung POWERstick PRO helps clean up after him in the kitchen


The POWERstick PRO also has a semi-adjustable body, allowing you to vacuum odd nooks and crannies as it can bend at a 50-degree angle while a series of optional attachments let you tackle everything from hard surfaces to tight crevices as needed. All the gathered dust, dirt and whatnot is collected within a hygienic dustbin that can be emptied with one pull of a lever.

Samsung POWERstick PRO dust bin

One particularly handy innovation with the POWERstick PRO is that it has a removable magazine-style battery with a two-stage lock, allowing you to use one battery and, when it’s drained, easily swap it out and put another in for continuous operation. Each battery consists of a 6-cell 32.4v lithium-ion pack capable of offering 40 minutes of standard usage which is enough to clean most homes on a single charge.

Samsung POWERstick PRO and accessories
The Samsung POWERstick PRO retails for RM2,799 and is now available nationwide. For more details swing by


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