Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

The humble refrigerator is often the main home appliance that draws the most attention in any home kitchen, acting as the centrepiece and gathering point for housemates and family members through the course of the day. The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator elevates this functional cornerstone of the kitchen into a highly personalised yet effective statement of form and function that is uniquely you.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators navy blue

Equal parts functional home appliance and bespoke objet d’art, the new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator represents a new generation of appliances that take customisability to a new level as the new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators is able to be customised in terms of aesthetics and configuration from a wide array of options to truly suit any home’s interior design.

What is the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

Revealed earlier this year at Consumer Electronics Show 2022 and now available for discerning homeowners in Malaysia the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are the last word in customisable home appliances as users are able to customise their colourways from a choice of three colour scheme combinations that consist of Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy, two unique module types and also combine modules as lifestyle needs change. 

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators 3 door

The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are highly customisable allowing you to add additional fridge modules as your lifestyle and needs change.


That’s not all as the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator has a host of features that not only make it the defining statement piece in your kitchen but a highly functional one too. Here’s why you need the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator is the perfect acquisition for those seeking a perfect statement in form and function to add to their home décor.

Marvellously Modular Design To Fit Any Lifestyle

Unlike a conventional fridge that is equipped with a predefined choice of colourways and fixed storage space, the new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are both modular and highly customisable, allowing you to make it uniquely yours, transforming and growing alongside you as your lifestyle changes to offer a truly bespoke experience unlike any other home appliance. 

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators pink and blue

When you start out, you can acquire either the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator 1-Door Flex or Bottom Mount module and as your needs grow such as having a new family, you can easily add on additional Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator modules to turn it into a double-door or even a triple-door refrigerator. 

Better yet, the  Samsung Bespoke 1-Door Flex Refrigerator is able to convert from a freezer to a fridge on demand or vice versa with the press of a button, allowing you to tailor internal cooling spaces as the occasion requires it such as a large party or keeping more groceries for the week.

Seamlessly Stylish Design

The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators seamlessly blend customisability with a timeless contemporary design that is able to blend harmoniously with any modern kitchen interior design to accentuate the décor of any home. 

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators kitchen counter

The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators is designed to seamlessly fit into any kitchen and can be installed as a counter-depth style or as a kitchen-fit style as desired.

In addition to its customisable colourways in Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy and its modular design, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators can be installed as either a counter-depth style or as a kitchen-fit style by aligning your kitchen cabinets. That’s not all, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator also features reversible doors that can be swapped to open to the left or right to fit your ideal kitchen layout by simply swapping the hinges over so that you can experience your dream kitchen layout.

Pleasing Practicality meets Powerful Performance

The new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators not only feature a premium elegance that can class up any home but also integrate Samsung’s latest innovations in refrigeration technology. With up to 323L of net cooling space for the 1-door flex variant and up to 339L for the bottom mount freezer variant, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators feature innovative All Around Cooling technology,  the unique No Frost feature as well as their industry-leading Digital Inverter technology. Combined, these innovations offer faster and more power efficient cooling performance to help food stay fresh for longer.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators all around cooling

In order to ensure stored food is cooled at optimum temperatures, All Around Cooling technology uses an array of sensors to continually check the temperature in each compartment, cooling each one evenly from corner to corner to ensure food stays fresher for longer. Better yet, the rear wall integrates a Metal Cooling plate that prevents the loss of cool air when the door is open to maintain ideal cooling conditions even when consumers open the door constantly to get snacks, drinks and more through the day.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators no frost tech

Samsung’s No Frost technology ensures no buildup of ice chunks that would require time and effort in defrosting for removal by ensuring constant air circulation within the fridge compartments to maintain a constant temperature. This measure prevents ice buildup while also allowing for less strain on the cooling system along with the ability to reach target temperatures faster. This ensures that the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator lasts longer and offers sustained, superior performance over its service life.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators 10 year inverter warranty

For superior durability, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators integrate their sophisticated Digital Inverter technology that features a Digital Inverter Compressor that can adjust its speed in response to the cooling needs of the fridge. This enables the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator to not only be quieter but serve you longer for many years to come. In fact, it offers a 21 years of durability certificate(*)  and has a 10-year warranty on the compressor itself to offer absolute peace of mind.

Where can I buy the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator in Malaysia

The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator range is now available in Malaysia with your choice of two versatile design configurations, each of which is available in a selection of stylish colourways. 

The Samsung Bespoke 1-door Flex Refrigerator can be acquired in your choice of Glam White, Glam Navy or Glam Pink for RM4,799 while the Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator can be purchased in your choice of matching or different colours in Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy for the top and bottom mount freezer doors with  as you desire for RM4,899

As your needs grow or lifestyle changes, you can acquire additional Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator modules to fit with up to three modules side by side to create a truly Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator that is uniquely yours for your home. To discover more and begin your journey in customising your very own Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator, please visit Samsung Malaysia’s official online store at

* Awarded a 21 year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on the usage circumstances.** 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.