Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium work

It’s that time of the year for a thorough spring cleaning to help the house look spick and span for when friends and family from near and far come by to visit and share in the joy of Hari Raya.

While it’s typically a time-consuming, manpower intensive task, the new Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium cordless vacuum cleaner with its All-in-One Clean Station dock is able to make spring cleaning an effortlessly quick and breezy affair while offering a safe and dust-free ambiance in your home for your loved ones.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Premium Malaysia front

Featuring stylish contemporary design that can fit in with any home décor with potent performance to tackle almost every cleaning scenario that you would conceivably encounter at home, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium is the latest addition to the Samsung Bespoke range of home appliances alongside the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier and Bespoke Refrigerators for Malaysia. Here’s 3 awesome ways the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium will be your best cleaning companion for Raya!

Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium – Raising the bar for Hygienic and convenient cleaning 

The Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium cordless vacuum cleaning redefines the home cleaning experience with its slim and cordless yet powerful design that ensures dust is hygienically handled and disposed for a deep, hygienic clean. 

When you’ve completed vacuuming and return the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium to its All-in-one Clean Station, it automatically and thoroughly empties the dustbin using “Air Pulse” technology while also recharging the battery too.  Once the bin is emptied, the dust is disposed of into a sealed dust bag for easy disposal. This ensures that your hands and the surrounding air remain clean and dust free.

Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium – Effortlessly Easy Cleaning In Every Part of Your Home

Spring cleaning before Raya to is a typically arduous task but the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium ensures that it’s an effortlessly easy affair. To ensure a hygienic clean, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium uses a powerful Digital Inverter Motor capable of generating up to 210W1 of suction power in tandem with a Jet Cyclone that uses a multi-cyclone structure to create powerful and efficient suction action for a more efficient, deeper clean.

Samsung Bespoke Jet premium in Malaysia digital inverter motor

The Samsung Bespoke Jet premium is powered by a 210W Digital Inverter Motor and a 9-cyclone system for superior cleaning performance

To ensure ease of use, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium is also wonderfully light, weighing just 1.44kg2 to make cleaning a smooth, light and comfortable affair while helping to minimise wrist strain.

The Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium also features a cord-free design and a powerful 2,500mAh3 battery to allow users to use it all around the house without needing constant recharging or having to hover around a charge point. 

For areas just out of reach like the tops of cabinets and ceilings, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium has a telescopic pipe attachment that can be adjusted across three height levels to ensure a comfortable and ergonomically friendly cleaning experience without having to stand on tiptoes!

Samsung Bespoke JetTM premiumMulti-Layered Filtration System For a Hygienic, Deep Clean

When in operation, the  Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium uses the aforementioned Digital Inverter motor and Jet Cyclone system to generate powerful suction that sucks in all manner of potential dirt and contaminants, passing it all through a sophisticated 5-step multi-cyclonic filtration system.

Samsung Bespoke Jet premium in Malaysia 5 step filtration system

The Samsung Bespoke Jet premium features a sophisticated 5-step filtration system to capture even tiny motes of dust and debris

This advanced filtration system  traps up to 99.999%4 of dust5, pollen, pet hair and other potential allergens within the vacuum itself, helping to reduce allergens6 in cleaned areas and through that, help users, especially those with allergies breathe easier.

All these captured contaminants are then deposited in a fully washable and removable 0.5L dustbin that makes cleaning a safe, easy and dust-free process from start to finish.

Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium availability

The Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium cordless vacuum cleaner is available nationwide in Malaysia in three stylish colourways that will seamlessly mesh with any home decor with your choice of Midnight Blue, Misty White and Woody Green7. Consumers in Malaysia can acquire the  Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium in a stylish shade of Midnight Blue.

Officially retailing at RM3,899, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium comes as a complete set with the All-in-one Clean Station as well as a complete assortment of cleaning attachments for any and every cleaning scenario including the Slim Action brush attachment, Spray Spinning sweeper and more. Here’s 3 awesome ways the Samsung Bespoke Jet premium will be your best cleaning companion for Raya 1

Now is the perfect time to get the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium as you’re not only able to enjoy a tempting 0% interest plan for up to 24 months, you’re also able to enjoy free delivery and a pair of Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds worth RM5498 absolutely free. In Malaysia, the Samsung Bespoke JetTM premium is available at all authorised dealers nationwide in Malaysia as well as the official Samsung Online store. Even better, you can get RM200 off the Samsung Bespoke Jet Premium starting from today till 5th June 2022!


1 Suction tested based on the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.8 standard, tested at the inlet of the non-motorized tool, using Jet mode. Based on SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH tests.
2 Compared with the Samsung VS8000. Handheld body weight: Jet One 1.44kg vs. VS8000 1.89kg
3 2500mA is based on the total battery cell capacity, but it is limited to 2200mA for better durability
4 Tested based on IEC 62885-2, CL.5.11 using the Jet mode by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH. Results may vary depending on actual usage
5 Refers to dust particles in the size range of 0.5 to 4.2µm
6 Based on the Allergy UK Seal of Approval by BAF (British Allergy Foundation)
7  Colour availability varies by region
8 Terms and Conditions Apply