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The Samsung Bespoke Fridge has been glimpsed in other countries late last year as the first and final word in customisation as Samsung allowed users to truly define the colours and even door configuration to their exact specifications. Now, they’ve finally made the Samsung Bespoke fridge available in Malaysia and it’s now on preorder with RM2,903 in free gifts.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge Preorder Details

From now until 31st January 2022, Malaysian customers are able to preorder the Bespoke Fridge which comes in two potential module types (1-door flex or Bottom Mount Freezer) and three possible colourways (Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy) while getting a free installation service worth RM1,596, a free pairing kit worth RM807 and a free e-store voucher worth RM500 for a grand total of RM2,903.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge free gifts

Basically, you can start off ordering a single module itself whether it’s the 1-Door Flex (RM4,599) or Bottom Mount Freezer (RM4,699) module and then add on additional modules later on as space and budget permits with up to a maximum of three modules connected side by side to form a complete Samsung Bespoke Fridge unit. 

Samsung Bespoke Fridge order page

When you login to Samsung’s official online store, you’re able to tweak which module you want, which colourway you want it in and then see a three dimensional representation of it in a nicely done up kitchen for your edification. It’s a welcome move to offer customisation, especially in Malaysia and hopefully other manufacturers follow suit. To preorder, you’ll need to swing by Samsung’s official preorder page at

Samsung Bespoke Fridge full config

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