Samsung AR9500M Wind-Free Cooling air conditioner aims to keep things cool in Malaysia

Samsung AR9500M Wind-Free Cooling air conditioner aims to keep things cool in Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia introduced a new take on the air conditioner that they’ve dubbed as the ARM9500M Wind-Free air conditioner that aims to keep homes cool while avoiding the discomfort of sitting under a cold blast of air in the face and saving on your leccy bill.

Seeing as Malaysia is usually blazing hot for most of the year, most locals inevitably crank up the AC which tends to create a scenario that is especially troublesome for those with sinus problems as they’re walking out from the scorching heat into a cold environment that triggers a, how shall we say, rather adverse response.

Samsung AR9500M Wind-free air conditioner

The AR9500M Wind-Free air conditioner aims to address this by with their eponymous Wind-Free cooling tech that eschews the traditional method of directing a cold blast of air in a room and instead disperses a gentle cooling wind through a series of 21,000 micro air holes.

Samsung AR9500M wind-free micro holes

Another feature that helps save on electricity is the inclusion of Samsung’s 8-Pole Digital Inverter in the AR9500M that generates fewer torque fluctuations as it ramps up to full power. By evening out these rises and dips, the air conditioner reduces the power draw, resulting in the need for the air conditioner compressor to use only 32$ of the energy of a conventional AC, effectively saving 68% of juice. It’s also a bit quieter as it doesn’t need to turn off and on as often.

AR9500M wind-free air-conditioner explained
Other features include a triangular-shaped design to optimise air flow and enhance room cooling speeds. The AR 9500M Wind-Free air conditioner also includes integrated WiFi that allows you to control it via your SmartThings app on your Samsung phone. Handy that.

In Malaysia the AR9500M comes in 1HP, 1.5HP and 2HP models which respectively cost RM2,899, RM3,299 and RM3,999. If you acquire one from now till the end of the year you can get a free two-year full warranty and a 10 year warranty on the compressor. For more details swing by

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