Roborock G10 robot vacuum and mop up for preorder priced at RM3,699 in Malaysia 1

Let’s face it folks – we’re all short on time and mopping as well as sweeping the floor is likely the last thing on our minds after the daily grind at work. Fortunately, that’s where something like the Roborock G10 robot vacuum comes in that’s now up for preorder in Malaysia with a special RM3,699 price tag for a limited time off its original RM3,999 retail price.

What is the Roborock G10 robot vacuum

The Roborock G10 vacuum is shaped like an outsized dinner plate with the ability to intelligently map the confines of your domicile, including where all the furniture is to chart an optimised cleaning path. Not only does it vacuum the floor, it is also able to mop it too with water tapped off a built-in reservoir that allows for up to 300 square metres of freshly mopped space around the house.

As the Roborock G10 cleans and mops, an ‘Auto Mop Washing’ mode vibrates the cleaning module at 600rpm every 20 minutes or so to shake off dirty water and which ensures the mop uses clean water from the built-in reservoir. It’s also intelligent enough to raise itself slightly off the floor to mount and clean carpets too while using an ultrasonic motor that vibrates at 3,000 times a minute for a deep and effective clean.

roborock G10 profile

As it sucks up dirt and crud at 2500Pa, the Roborock G10 also employs a sturdy rubber brush to resist hair tangling and improve cleaning performance. Once done, it’s able to intelligently wander back to its own Auto Self-Cleaning Dock to recharge itself and dump dirty water and accumulated dirt.

For one day only tomorrow on 7th July 2022, the Roborock G10 will be available for RM3,699 on Shopee so if you’re keen you’d best hustle on over to Shopee and plonk down your plastic.