razer sneki snek hoodie

Feel good and celebrate with new Razer Sneki Snek hoodie as they’ve saved a whopping 1 million trees

When Razer set out with a moonshot goal of helping to save the environment with their new mascot Sneki Snek, they only had the modest dream of saving 100,000 trees but seeing the passion of Razer’s cadre of fans across the world, they’ve surpassed this goal by an insane margin and managed to save a whopping one million trees. Let that sink in for a bit. One. Million. Trees. To celebrate the milestone, Razer is releasing their Sneki Snek hoodie that costs US$119.99 to share the joy of the occasion with friends and fans.

razer sneki snek hoodie

Razer in collaboration with Conservation International, have come a long way towards eco-worthy causes and as part of their 10-year sustainability plan #GoGreenWIthRazer, they’ve helped to protect 4,000 acres of forest which equal close to 3,000 American football fields.

The little snake that could and one of the world’s most renowned gaming brands is now taking things up a notch and their next moonshot goal isn’t just 100,000 or 1 million trees. They’re aiming to save 10 million trees. 

Razer will continue their collaborative efforts with Conservation International and with every milestone of 250,000 trees saved achieved through sale of Razer Sneki Snek merchandise, Razer will release new merch and donate part of the proceeds to helping Conservation International protect forests.

razer sneki snek hoodie 1 million trees

Protecting nature is one of the most important things we can do to address climate change and  support biodiversity,” said Sarah Cragg, Partnership and Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, at Conservation International. “Razer’s effort is raising awareness of the challenges facing our  planet and also providing its community a clear way to take action. We are deeply grateful for  the community’s response and excited to take this challenge to the next level.” For more details on Razer’s sustainability efforts, check out their official page here.

razer sneki snek hoodie conservation international