Razer Productivity suite of gear launched with intriguing white colourways and literally means business 1

The Razer brand is renowned for being among the most renowned purveyors of mainline gaming gear in the market with a staggering array of keyboards, mice, mouse pads, gaming notebooks, headphones and more that have been designed from the ground up for gamers in their signature black and neon green livery. Now, they’ve just issued a line-up of gear that’s specifically for work dubbed the Razer Productivity range.

Consisting of the Razer Pro Click mouse, Pro Type Keyboard and Pro Glide mouse, the Razer Productivity Range all have a stunning white finish and retain Razer’s vaunted performance and ergonomics save for the aforementioned more serious looking white paint job to mesh in with the office decor.

Availability for the Razer Productivity range is slated for 20th August on Razer’s official online store and at authorised resellers about 27th August 2020. For more details on the Razer Productivity line-up check out their official page at https://www.razer.com/productivity

Razer Pro Click Price

The Razer Pro Click is a wireless and optionally wired mouse that sports a stunning two toned white and gray finish and was crafted in collaboration with ergonomic product vendor Humanscale to minimise all the usual ails prevailing desk jockey digits – namely tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

 The Razer Pro Click has been specifically contoured to ensure that the user’s wrist rests at a neutral 30-degree angle to minimise wrist pronation. To nix hand and arm strain, the Razer Pro Click adds an extended palm, thumb and pinky rests to fully support the entire hand.

Razer Productivity Pro Click mouse side

On top of its impressive ergonomic credentials, the Razer Pro Click mouse has the brand’s 5G Advanced Optical sensor with 16,000 DPI, multi-host connectivity that lets it pair with up to 4 devices with easy swapping between them via Bluetooth and has up to 200 hours of battery life via 2.4GHz wireless and up to 400 via conventional Bluetooth.

Seeing as this is a Razer mouse, it’s a given that it has programmable buttons, with 8 of them including a clickable scroll wheel at your beck and call  for spreadsheet macros and the like. Yes, you can likely code them to ‘no scope a HDR on Warzone but you’re officially working, right?’

Better yet, the buttons on the mouse are rated for an absurdly high 50 million cycles of use so you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for years to come. The Razer Pro Click mouse retails for US$99.99 which is about RM418.

razer productivity click

Razer Pro Type Keyboard Price

The Razer Pro keyboard has a corporate chic white finish with a detachable cable  that allows you to work in a wired or wireless fashion via Bluetooth to connect with other kit. It bears some similarity to the Huntsman series but is scaled up and intended for the office, with a full sized layout complete with a numeric keyboard along with Razer’s own Orange Mechanical switches to ensure a quiet, tactile keystroke.

razer productivity pro click keyboard

The keyboard is rated for up to 80 million keystrokes which is likely several times over what’s contained in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and then some. And yes, it’s fully programmable with macro keyboard shortcuts. In case you need to work in the dark, the Razer Pro Type sports utilitarian white backlighting. In terms of pricing, the Razer Pro Type keyboard is priced at US$139.99 which is about RM585. 

razer productivity pro type



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Razer Pro Glide Price

The Razer Pro Glide is a mouse pad with a textured micro-weave cloth surface done up in matte gray that has non-slip backing and a 3mm thick padded surface for comfort during extended work sessions. It doesn’t light up but it’s a slick colour coordinated companion for the Razer Pro Click. The Razer Pro Glide retails for US$9.99 which is about RM42.

razer productivity mouse pad glide

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