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MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and EVE Online require you to have a slew of macros and shortcuts at the ready which is where the revamped Razer Naga X comes into play that has a veritable wall of programmable buttons for almost any eventuality.

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The Razer Naga X is a refreshed take on the venerable Naga gaming line with the notable addition of the new Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensors optical mouse sensors for even faster actuation speeds and reliability, their Speedflex cable for swift mousing movements and 100% PTFE mouse feet to ensure silky smooth glides across any surface.

Where the Razer Naga X earns its laurels as an MMORPG gaming mouse par excellence is that it has not one, not five but an insane 16 programmable buttons at your beck and call.

Add in Razer’s Hypershift mode and you can double this to a mind-boggling 32 possible shortcuts. And yes, it has their customary Chroma RGB support for that added bling.

Razer Naga X Price in Malaysia

The Razer Naga X is now available in Malaysia and online at the Razer store online at a retail price of RM399.

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