Razer Iskur X gaming chair cover

Meet the Razer Iskur X gaming chair for comfortable gaming; costs RM1,499 in Malaysia

Razer has delved into making gaming oriented furniture of late with their Razer Iskur gaming chair but they’ve now designed a more affordable version dubbed the Razer Iskur X that costs just RM1,499 while retaining much of the same features that made its sibling famous among gamers.

Razer Iskur X gaming chair front

While the Iskur X does resemble its sibling somewhat in form, livery and function, it removes the integrated adjustable lumbar support and makes it an optional purchase. 

Razer Iskur X gaming chair

From right – the Iskur, the Iskur Black and the Iskur X

The Iskur X is able to support 136kg in weight and features 2D arm rests with a multi-function recline to allow for comfortable seating for extended periods of time in tandem with its generous amounts of memory foam upholstery. 

Iskur X Price in Malaysia

The aforementioned lumbar support can be purchased separately and can work on any chair, not just the Iskur X for RM259. You can also purchase a Razer head cushion to support your bonce for RM199.

To reiterate, the Razer Iskur X does not have the aforementioned lumbar support so the costs do stack up if you buy it with all the bells and whistles. The chair is available at selected retailers in Malaysia and online at www.razer.com

Razer Iskur X gaming chair