Razer Huntsman Mini angled

Portability is a key concern for gamers on the go while others are looking for a compact setup for their desktops. In that regard, Razer’s new Huntsman Mini 60% keyboard looks just like what the doctor ordered. The keyboard ditches some of the more extraneous buttons including the function keys, numeric keypad and arrow keys, making it one of the smallest keyboards in production by Razer. 

Razer Huntsman Mini  top down

The highly compact 60% layout is built around an aluminium chassis and tray with the keys consisting of Doubleshot PBT keycaps which are rated to be more durable than regular ABS keycaps paired with Razer Optical Switches which come in your choice of two different flavours – a clicky purple variant or a linear red version – depending on your tastes in keyboard feedback. 

Razer Huntsman Mini  keys white

While the Razer Huntsman Mini ditches many of the major buttons and function keys to shave down the size, Razer has retained them as secondary functions and shortcuts that are printed on the side of the keys so that you’ll still retain full functionality though you’ll need some amount of finger dexterity.

Razer Huntsman Mini  angled

Seeing as this is a Razer-issued gear, each of the keys are individually backlit with their customary Chroma RGB backlighting to offer a colour coordinated light show with other Razer products and the keyboard supports Razer Synapse 3 software to customise your shortcuts and macros with up to 5 saved keyboard profiles at your beck and call.

Razer Huntsman Mini choices


Razer Huntsman Mini Price and Availability in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you can opt for two colour choices for the Razer Huntsman Mini – Black and Mercury White along with your choice of either clicky purple switches or linear red switches for 4 possible permutations in each colour combo and switch type. The clicky purple switch variant retails for RM549 while the linear red switch variant will retail for RM589. For more details and to acquire your own Razer Huntsman Mini, check out their official page at https://www.razer.com/gaming-keyboards/razer-huntsman-mini/RZ03-03390100-R3M1

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