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Renowned gaming brand Razer has added another feather to their cap in their green initiative as they have just started their Razer Green Fund worth USD50 million bucks with the first recipient of their seed funding being Nurturing Co. Pte. Ltd who created BAMBOOLOO, the world’s first bamboo toilet paper.

The announcement today of the establishment of the Razer Green Fund  is momentous, seeing as it’s Earth Day today. Managed by Razer’s corporate ventures arm zVentures, the Razer Green Fund will foster a green mindset with strategic investments that focus on renewable energy, carbon and plastic management.

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In regards to BAMBOOLOO, Razer’s investment and partnership will enable the TP purveyor to supply bamboo-sourced toilet paper in some of Razer’s global offices including their Southeast Asian HQ and Malaysia office.

By using bamboo pulp, manufacturers need 90% less water and 70% less carbon to make versus normal wood pulp and by converting to bamboo toilet paper, the average family of four can save 30,000 litres of water in a year.

The Razer Green Fund marks a milestone of Razer’s commitment to protect the environment via their 10-year sustainability campaign that is demarcated into four broad verticals to spearhead the drive to going green.  During this decade-long campaign, Razer is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and 100% carbon neutrality by 2030. 

“Since the announcement of our 10-year sustainability roadmap, Razer has been inundated with  requests on how startups can accelerate their own green initiatives,” said Patricia Liu, Chief of  Staff at Razer. “The Razer Green Fund was set up to empower start-ups with positive intentions  to further their ambitions.” 

The Nurturing Co. is excited to welcome Razer as a strategic investor. The immediate matching  of possibilities and a desire to help make a positive impact around the world is encouraging and  we are excited to have Razer onboarded,” said David Ward, CEO and Founder at The Nurturing  Co. “Together with Razer, The Nurturing Co. will bring our BAMBOOLOO range of sustainable,  less impacting products to an even wider number of consumers across the world.” 

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Thus far, Razer has succeeded phenomenally on their education initiatives such as their team-up with Conservation International to protect 1 million trees by selling their cute Sneki Snek plushies as well as their Kanagawa Wave collection made from recovered marine plastics. Start-ups seeking to get in touch with the Razer Green Fund and zVentures can get swing by https://www.zvntrs.com