Razer Enki gaming chair hero shot

Razer Enki gaming chair is the golden throne that your back will love

Revealed at Razercon 2021, the Razer Enki gaming chair is, in all likelihood, the one item of Razer gear that anyone and everyone from the most grizzled gamer to the busiest desk jockey will love as it’s designed to be one of if not the most comfortable chair they’ve ever made.

What is the Razer Enki gaming chair

Designed as a companion alongside the existing Razer Iskur gaming chair, the Razer Enki gaming chair is the end result of what happens when you unleash Razer’s horde of engineers to create a chair that’s truly fit for gamers.

Razer Enki gaming chair front view

On top of its somewhat obvious Razer triskelion logo emblazoned all over it, the Razer Enki features 110-degree extended shoulder arches to ensure an appropriate yet comfortable seating position and an exceptionally wide 21” seat base to evenly distribute the weight around your posterior.

The chair also features a built-in lumbar arch at the base of the chair that helps to relieve pressure on the spine and the legs for more comfortable seating. That’s not all as the chair back can lean all the way back to offer a decadently comfortable 152-degree recline position in case you need to catch a nap.

Razer Enki gaming chair  side view

While the design of the Enki takes center stage, Razer has lavished attention onto every aspect of the Enki including minutiae that would usually be overlooked like its upholstery. To wit, the Razer Enki features a dual-textured, eco-friendly faux leather designed for extended usage and features a plus head cushion for additional neck support.

To offer more discerning users a more luxurious experience, the Razer Enki Pro beckons that is mostly similar to the mainline Razer Enki but upgrades most of the fittings to carbon fiber and the upholstery to posh Alcantara leather. For those looking for a more affordable option, the Razer Enki X that swaps the 4D armrests for a more conventional 2D design that doesn’t have the same degree of flexibility while ditching the head cushion.

Razer Enki gaming chair price in Malaysia

In terms of pricing, the Razer Enki will retail for US$399 (about RM1,669) while the Enki X will clock in at US$299 (about RM 1,250). There’s no price as yet for the Razer Enki Pro. To date, there’s no official price listing on the Malaysia site for Razer just yet but the moment it does, we’ll let you know! For more details check out their official page here.

Razer Enki gaming chair malaysia