Razer Acari mouse mat lets you glide your mouse as smooth as silk for a mere RM309 1

Named after a class of small arachnids, the Razer Acari gaming mouse mat is an ultra low friction design that allows you to glide your mouse over its smooth surface like a skater on Sunway Pyramid’s ice skating rink but in a far more graceful fashion.

The Razer Acari measures about 420 x 320 mm and is coated with an Ultraviolet-activated nano bead surface that’s also oleophobic to repel dust and oil while ensure an incredibly smooth glide for almost any gaming mouse and per-pixel precise tracking in the bargain. It’s just 1.95mm thin with a polycarbonate core to enhance its sturdiness while remaining light and portable.

razer acari smooth angle

In Malaysia, the Razer Acari retails for RM305 and is slated for arrival this coming September at a price of RM309. If you want something much larger and with a padded surface, you can optionally go for Razer’s aptly named Gigantus V2 range. For more details check out the official Razer Acari page at https://www.razer.com/gaming-mouse-mats/razer-acari

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