Rakuten ushers in holiday cheer with UNICEF Inspired Gift store

Rakuten ushers in holiday cheer with UNICEF Inspired Gift store

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According to the good chaps at online shopping store Rakuten, Malaysians are apparently some of the most generous chaps in the world when it comes to donating to the needy. Now, rather than chunk out for another stocking stuffer, you can do put your dosh to a more noble cause as they’ve tied up with UNICEF and opened up an Inspired Gifts online store where you can purchase essential survival, medical and educational kit that can go towards helping the needy. You can swing by the Rakuten web store and then directly buy a gift pack and other items that will go towards deserving children. For every Inspired Gift purchased, Rakuten will give a 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points back to customers.

There’s a whole list of essentials available for purchase ranging from mosquito nets to education kits and even Polio vaccines that, when purchased, go towards the needy. Prices start from RM49 for a pack of pencils and notebooks all the way up to a water hand pump at RM1,711.
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Some of the more interesting kit available include a Early Child Development kit that comes with a host of  educational toys for kids to develop their learning and language skills.

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Once you’ve made a purchase, you can dedicate a rather cute Unicef Paper Doll Gift Card to someone dear to you to commemorate the purchase. The gifts are available online at Rakuten starting this month. Catch a video of what Rakuten’s Inspired Gifts programme is about below and swing by www.rakuten.com.my/shop/unicef to chip in for a good cause.

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