Seasoned gamers will likely appreciate the colour coordinated chromatic bling that Razer Chroma RGB enabled gaming gear like their keyboards, mice and the like have to offer but Philips is taking things up a notch as they’re now enabling their Philips Hue lights to seamlessly link with Razer Chroma for an even more immersive gaming experience.

philips hue razer chroma

By adding in Razer Chroma integration with Philips Hue, gamers can now extend their immersive lighting experience to their entire room, not just the vicinity of their gaming gear for context sensitive cues and immersive background colours in selected games. 

Rather than staring at a HUD reader, this integration with Philips Hue means you can potentially visually see out of the corner of your eye a change in ambient colour in the room that tells you that your health or ammo is low.

The immersive aspect is achieved when the chromatic Philips Hue lights are able to tweak the colours the smart light bulbs are emitting to match the area you’re exploring in-game a vivid experience indeed. 

To enable this you’ll need to acquire the generation two Philips Hue bridge that’s square-shaped. Getting it started is a doddle.

After you’ve created an entertainment group in the Philips Hue app, you open up the Razer Synapse 3 app, download the Philips Hue module within Synapse 3 and just follow the prompts. For more details, check out Philips Hue on their official page at

You can check out the tutorial video here:

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