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If you love wearing comfortable T-shirts, (and who doesn’t) and love food, you’ll appreciate what the Oxwhite Makanlah collection brings to the table as it features the brand’s ultra comfy t-shirts emblazoned with some of Malaysia’s most loved meals.

In a recent poll, Oxwhite asked 500 Malaysians what was their all-time favourite breakfast food. The results varied based on region with locals in Selangor favouring Nasi Lemak (29%) followed by the Federal Territory (16%) and Penang (12%). However, locals from Melaka favoured Roti Canai at 47% of those polled and dim sum (20%).

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As Malaysians grow older, their predilection for nasi lemak declines as they get older, presumably for health reasons. Fortunately, the Oxwhite Makanlah collection lets you feast your eyes on these delectable favourites without gaining calories.

Oxwhite Makanlah Collection Availability

In collaboration with Salang Design, the Oxwhite Makanlah collection features designs for the trinity of favourite breakfast meals – Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Dim Sum.

You can check them out and purchase them online at Oxwhite’s Shopee official store https://shopee.com.my/oxwhite.os or Lazada official store https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/oxwhite/.

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