Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Series for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review - A Protective Ergonomic Delight 1

If you’re chunking out cash for a phone as premium as a Samsung Galaxy Series S20 Plus, you might as well pony up a bit extra to get a casing worthy of something of its prestige over the cheap third party schtick that you see festooning Shopee and Lazada which is where the likes of this unique collaboration between Otterbox and PopSocket comes into the picture. Meet the Otter Pop Symmetry case.

Seasoned smartphone aficionados will likely recognise what a PopSocket is. It’s a fold-out button-shaped grip that latches on to the rear of a phone via a strong adhesive sticker, allowing you to hold the phone between your second and third finger without the need for you to prop it up with your pinkie. This is a godsend especially if you’re trying to take videos and also acts as a measure of safety to prevent you from dropping the phone. It was also a tad bulky too.

otterbox otter pop symmetry angled

Now, imagine a PopSocket but integrate it into the smooth Symmetry casing design from Otterbox and you have one heck of a protective casing in the Otter Pop Symmetry case. For the uninitiated, the Otterbox Symmetry case is the easiest to install among the brand’s range of casings without any major compromises in protective performance. 

It consists of a one-piece solid polycarbonate casing with armoured bumpers and a raised armoured lip that snugly slips onto the phone to protect it from dings, dents and bumps.

After using Otterbox for over a decade across various phones in our work, we have yet to lose a phone protected by Otterbox to drop damage and that’s a testament to its durability and how butter fingered we are.

Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Case Design

The Otter Pop Symmetry case blends the best aspects of the Otterbox Symmetry series case with a PopSocket grip. The backplate has a slight recess to accommodate most of the height of a folded-down PopSocket with a couple of millimeters left over peeking out over the top.

That quirk aside, the casing is similar to other Symmetry cases with precisely form-fitted cutouts for the Type-C port at the base and mono speaker, a neat square cutout for the rear camera array and soft rubber overlays for the volume rocker and power buttons. 

otterbox otter pop symmetry lip

The lip of the case is slightly raised to protect the screen, especially if you plonk the phone face down on a surface. The modest rear thickness of the Otter Pop Symmetry case also affords a measure of protection to the rear camera as it’s safely recessed within the casing.

Fitting it on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus was simply a matter of snapping it over the case and it did not interfere with the stock pre-applied screen protector that comes with the phone. Fortunately, there’s no compromise in functionality here and the side buttons remained as responsive as they are without a case on.

Our test unit came in a utilitarian shade of matte black but you can also get it in a couple of other colour combinations. You’re also able to pop out the PopSocket top and swap it for another PopSocket design if you are keen to do so.

otterbox otter pop symmetry socket

Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Case Performance and Verdict

We’ve used the Otter Pop Symmetry Case for the past few days and immediately enjoyed the benefits. The matte finish of the casing and its durability meant that we spent less time coddling the phone and more time actually using it versus wiping it down every few hours from fingerprints.

While we’ve yet to deliberately drop test this particular model, prior tests on older Otterbox cases that we’ve had through a mix of curiosity and misadventure have proved that it is easily capable of surviving a drop from waist height without any damage to the phone. That in itself is an incredible insurance policy in itself as replacing a pranged screen already costs several hundred dollars.

otterbox otter pop symmetry portsThe addition of the rear PopSocket also allowed us to up our photography game as it offered a much steadier grip especially when shooting video without having to prop up the weight of a slippery phone on our pinky and index finger. In a pinch, you’re also able to extend the PopSocket out to use it as a stand for watching videos and the like. 

Even with sweaty palms, the Otter Pop Symmetry Case offered a reassuringly firm grip with or without the PopSocket extended.

When using it two-handed for gaming, the PopSocket also helped to provide a little extra grip though traditionalists can still fold it flat with little detriment to its ergonomics.

Charging the phone with the casing on was a doddle too and it accepts wireless charging via the usual position on the phone’s backplate on top of the usual wired charging via the USB Type-C port. 

If you’re looking to protect your Galaxy S20 Plus and get more out of it, this case comes highly recommended on account of its excellent balance of ergonomics and durability. If you need something a lot tougher you can opt for the Otterbox Defender or Commuter range with a trade-off in increased thickness.

What we liked Slim and protective finish, versatile Pop Socket attachment, exceptional protection, supports wireless charging

What we didn’t not cheap, casing may not work with all third party screen protectors, PopSocket can’t be repositioned

We say This interesting casing blends the immense protective capabilities that Otterbox is known for with the ergonomic benefits of the PopSocket into one slim and svelte form factor. If you aim to get more out of your Galaxy S20 Plus, get this casing.

Review unit courtesy of Otterbox Asia. Available for purchase at

Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Case for Galaxy S20 Plus
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Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Casing for Galaxy S20 Plus

This interesting casing blends the immense protective capabilities that Otterbox is known for with the ergonomic benefits of the PopSocket into one slim and svelte form factor. If you aim to get more out of your Galaxy S20 Plus, get this casing.

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