This new Samsung QuickDrive washing machine cuts laundry time in half

This new Samsung QuickDrive washing machine cuts laundry time in half

No one likes laundry which is why Samsung aims to make that onerous task a lot easier and a lot faster with their new front-loading Samsung QuickDrive washing machine.
QuickDrive scenery shot
Unlike a conventional washing machine, the QuickDrive sports what Samsung dubs a Q-Drum that consists of an independently rotating plate alongside the main washing drum to introduce a back-and-forth movement. This effectively offers a more efficient, thorough wash for your duds.

This efficient design means that the whole affair is able to cut down washing time by half as it’s able to complete a load in just 39 minutes via its Super Speed setting. There is also an additional AddWash wordpress port that lets you bung in extras or delicates even when its in mid-cycle.

Samsung’s washing machine is also able to reduce energy usage by about 20% when in use on account of their more efficient Digital Inverter Tech. Saving on your leccy bill means you get to spend it somewhere else more productive – like your next cuppa at your favourite barista.

Like Samsung’s other kit, the QuickDrive is also teched out the wazoo with something called the Q-rator, an AI laundry assistant that helps you plan your washing completion times, preemptively troubleshoot problems and recommend washing cycles. The Samsung QuickDrive is available in Malaysia with prices starting from RM3,999. For more details swing by

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