New Maybank2u Biz app to help make banking easier for SMEs 1

Maybank has just launched their Maybank2u Biz application for small and medium sized enterprises that offers all the necessary tools for banking and to make running business easier in one convenient mobile app.

What is Maybank2U Biz?

The Maybank2U Biz app is appropriate for partnerships, private limited companies, education institutions, clubs and associations with an intuitive interface that allows key decision makers to perform transactions anywhere on the go with a smartphone. It features a ‘Maker-Checker’ authorisation process that enables approvals for ten decisions at a time in a 7-day approval period.

Maybank2u Biz app

The app also features an effective ‘invoicing’ tool for business owners to create, issue and track invoices via premade templates that can be sent via email and chat applications which can then be tracked on the Maybank2U Biz app dashboard.

“Running a business is very complex and it is even more challenging during these extraordinary circumstances. Hence, we have designed Maybank2u Biz to be more than just a banking application, but a business companion that will help ease SMEs’ burden and empower them to drive their businesses forward. We have made it simple, because entrepreneurs should be spending more time making strategic decisions instead of managing daily operations,” said Maybank’s Group President and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias.

We believe in the power of information and have made key financial data easy to access and understand for the SMEs. First of all, they can get a full view of their accounts in Maybank on the dashboard of the application, which allows them to make quick assessments of the business’ financial health at a glance. At the same time, they are also able to download a year’s worth of cash flow data in spreadsheet format (CSV) on-demand, without having to wait for the traditional month-end statements. With the information, business owners can now plan ahead, make better decisions, or even spot potential red flags in their cash flow early,” said Datuk Farid.

“As with all Maybank digital solutions, security is paramount to us. We have introduced Secure2u to Maybank2u Biz to safeguard their transactions and give them peace of mind,” added Datuk Farid. For more details on the app which is free for download on ANdroid or iOS, check out

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