The new Maybank Anytime Everyone (MAE) app makes e-wallets great again

Signing up for an e-wallet these days often involves an inordinate amount of paperwork more so actually paying for anything but Maybank is making the process as easy as it gets with their new Maybank Anytime Everyone (MAE) app that quite literally gets you on board and ready to pay for stuff minutes after downloading the app.

The Maybank Anytime Everyone e-wallet app is the first app that lets you open an account with just a smartphone and users don’t actually need to be a prior Maybank customer to get on board. For customers new to Maybank, users are effectively issued a virtual Visa on signup.

We are extremely excited to partner Maybank to launch Malaysia’s first Visa digital debit card linked to Maybank’s mobile banking wallet, MAE. Visa contactless payments have been growing significantly in the coutnry a Malaysians embrace the convenience and seamless experience that this payment solution offers. The introdution of MAE will further propel the growth of Visa contactless payments in Malaysia, where we are seeing more than five million Visa contactless transaction a month with over 30% penetration,” said Ng Kong Boon, Visa Country manager for Malaysia.

With the MAE app, users can add cash to the MAE e-wallet via M2u, an interbank transfer, an ATM terminal or the traditional way at a bank counter and then use it to pay for stuff, split bills and essentially everything expected of an ewallet. The provision of a virtual Visa card means you can conduct retail therapy online.

The MAE app from Maybank makes payments an absolute doddle – a slider lets you either assign cash in or out!

Where it elevates the experience is that MAE’s user interface is as easy as it gets – a simple slider lets you select whether money goes in or out. All transactions are also saved for easy tracking later. You’re even able to request for payment in case an associate is a bludger and hasn’t paid up their tab.

If you’re fast on the trigger, the MAE app also has a MAE-hem minigame which requiers fast reflexes to win cash. The app is free to download on the iOS app store and the Google Play store.

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