New MAE by Maybank2u app helps you take charge of your money like a boss 1

Saving for a big expenditure like a new phone or a holiday can be a daunting task, more so actually keeping track of your daily spending but the new MAE by Maybank2u app aims to help you do all this and more in an intuitive fashion.

The MAE by Maybank2U app is an umbrella app of sorts that’s available for iOS and Android platforms and for both Maybank and non-Maybank account holders.

MAE by Maybank2u features

It has all the features that the current Maybank2U app has like the ability to pay bills and transfer funds online but MAE integrates new functionality and tools to help track expenditures in a more transparent and entertaining fashion.

MAE by Maybank2u main screen

Chief among this is a new Expenses app that lets you see a breakdown of where you’re spending that hard-earned paycheck with a chart that shows you the exact categories you spent your money on. While it primarily tracks online and digital transactions, you can also voluntarily add cash expenditures too via manual input.

Another unique addition to the MAE by Maybank2U app is a Tabung feature which helps you save for big expenditures. The unique aspect of this is that you can select to save on your own or as a group with like-minded associates for, perhaps, a holiday. 

MAE by Maybank2u benefits

You can automatically set the Tabung savings feature to deduct a set amount every month to be allocated into the Tabung fund or you can set it to round up your daily expenditures with the difference in spare change going into your savings goal.

Alternatively, you can also set it under a ‘Guilty Pleasure’ mode that sets a daily spending limit and if this limit is exceeded, you’ll get an amount added to the Tabung. End result – a win for everyone!MAE by Maybank2u screen 1
MAE by Maybank2U also aims to resolve that age old conundrum befalling Malaysians – where to eat for lunch! The app has a ‘Makan Mana’ wheel which you can spin to determine where to eat next as well as regular updates that showcase promotions by affiliated merchants so you can enjoy bargains galore..

MAE by Maybank2u debit card
Added to this is the addition of a MAE Visa Debit card which offers competitive exchange rates both locally and abroad with a host of perks too. Applicants can apply for the card via the MAE by Maybank2U app and have it sent straight to their doorstep. For more details on the new MAE app, swing by

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