New Dell EMC PowerStore storage array offers faster, scalable performance for the new data decade

New Dell EMC PowerStore storage array offers faster, scalable performance for the new data decade

Businesses today are seeing the digital transformation of their processes and business operations as an urgent necessity with increasingly larger and more complex workloads but are often restricted by a number of factors including existing legacy IT infrastructure, cost and scalability which is where Dell Technologies’ new Dell EMC PowerStore infrastructure platform comes into the picture.

Dell EMC PowerStore

Designed to address the growing needs of businesses who are reeling from the vast amounts of data created from daily processes and the need for their IT to become more agile, Dell EMC PowerStore is capable of offering 99.9999% availability while packing seven times the speed and 3 times more responsiveness than prior Dell EMC midrange storage arrays.


The provision of Dell EMC PowerStore allows organisations to simplify their IT infrastructure with a scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file and VMware vVols along with the ability to support a variety of traditional and modern workloads. There are also cost savings built in with always-on deduplication, compression and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction ratio.

Deployment is also effective and simple as Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services are able to directly connect PowerStore straight into all major public clouds that include Azure, Google CLoud as a managed service and Amazon Web Services and allows for more flexibility of deployment in hybrid cloud environments via Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs for PowerStore.

Other benefits with Dell EMC PowerStore include the integration of machine learning and intelligent automation to deliver applications and services faster and by extension save up to 99% of staff time that would have previously been spent on balancing volumes and other labour intensive processes like migrations and issue resolution. To offer more insight on real time performance and capacity, Dell Technologies is integrating their Dell EMC CloudIQ analytics software across their entire portfolio, including Dell EMC PowerStore infrastructure.

Another unique feature with PowerStore is its PowerStoreOS which relies on a container-based software architecture which allows for standardisation and easier development much in the manner of Lego blocks. Dell EMC PowerStore also integrates AppsON, a purpose-built storage array that integrates VMware ESXi Hypervisor for direct app deployment onto an array.

More pragmatic decision makers will likely wonder just how much all this costs down the line or if it will balloon to astronomical heights but according to Dell Technologies, PowerStore is covered by Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Programme which has a highly flexible Anytime Upgrades controller upgrade programme that lets you expand performance or capacity after 3 months (or 180 days). 

Dell EMC PowerStore is now available globally. For more details visit

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