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New Dell Asset Recovery Services helps sustainably retire IT in Malaysia

Time, tide and tech obsolescence waits for no man and the inevitable advancement of technology frequently leaves a lot of IT waste over the years for many companies with heaps of obsolete servers, desktops, laptops and whatnot gathering dust with no way to responsibly or sustainably dispose of them. Until now that is as Dell Technologies has announced that their Dell Asset Recovery Services arm is now available in Malaysia.

What are Dell Asset Recovery Services

For the uninitiated, Dell Asset Recovery Services supports any make of IT gear and type be it a laptop, desktop, server, peripheral or accessory and allows companies to make asset disposal a cinch. Basically, a company can give Dell Asset Recovery Services their old gear for responsible recycling and they’ll ensure any data is responsibly disposed of as well while helping to save you the hassle of carting it away.

The service has no unit minimums for any business of any size with the option and flexibility to control the entire process online via a self-service portal that helps businesses get real-time estimates and a streamlined takeback of devices in order to maximise use of decommissioned IT assets, introduce sustainable recycling and recovery devices en masse.

Dell Future of Connected Living Dell Asset Recovery Services

When devices are turned in over to Dell Asset Recovery Services, data is removed with current data sanitisation standards and clients have the option of onsite data sanitisation before a device ever leaves a client’s facility or physical hard drive shredding and recycling to ensure absolute peace of mind for data.

To date, Dell has recovered over 2.5 billion electronics in its take back programmes which are quite a testament to their efforts. “The improper disposal of electronic and electrical products, or e-waste as we call it, is becoming an emerging threat in today’s environment. Seeing how businesses are rapidly employing the newest technology as they evolve, Dell sees the need to provide a modern and simple solution through the Asset Recovery Services to help reduce the environmental impact of discarded e-waste that are substantially being produced every year,” said Pang Yee Beng, Senior Vice President, South Asia and Managing Director, Malaysia, Dell Technologies. “Through this initiative, we aim to realise our ambitious goal of recycling or reusing one device for each one sold by 2030.

For more details on Dell Asset Recovery Services, check out their official site here.