Apple Watch series 6 with blood oxygen level measurement sensors and more debuting from RM1,749 1

The first product to appear in Apple’s showcase last night, the Apple Watch series 6 is their latest smartwatch that features a blood oxygen sensor, new colourways and a new Solo Loop strap design.

The new blood oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch series 6 is able to measure your blood oxygen level in 15 seconds and also track your blood oxygen levels in the background. 

Apple Watch series 6 hand

The new Apple Watch series 6 also includes more family friendly features that Apple has called ‘Family Setup’ that allows parents to issue the watch to kids  and have administrator privileges of sorts, allowing them to monitor and track where their kids are and who they interact with via the watch though this particular feature requires the cellular capable variant of the Apple watch for obvious reasons. 

apple watch series 6 family setup


Another addition to the watch is the inclusion of an always-on altimeter that lets you know how high you are; handy if you’re hiking or performing other fitness regimes.

Apple Watch series 6 blood oxygen

The rest of the hardware in the Apple Watch series 6 is built around a new dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic used in the iPhone 11. Dubbed the S6 SiP, this processor is rated for 20% better performance than its predecessor the Apple Watch series 5 and the always-on display which can be acquired in 40mm and 44mm sizes is said to be 2.5 times brighter outdoors than the aforementioned series 5 watch.

Apple was also keen to emphasise that the watch case was made from 100% recycled aluminium and it’s also swimproof.

The Apple Watch series 6 will run watchOS 7 under the hood with the addition of a hand-washing app that activates when you wash your hands and runs a timer to let you know if you’ve been sufficiently thorough in your efforts at personal hygiene. 

Apple Watch series 6 benefits

Apple is also pushing a new Fitness Plus app that has a variety of workouts you can follow for a US$9.99 monthly or annual US$79.99 subscription fee. There are also a variety of new watch faces on offer from having an emoji avatar on the dial, profession specific watch faces such as one for photographers that indicates the ‘golden hour’ for photography and more.

In terms of colour choices, you’re able to get the Apple Watch Series 6 in gray, silver, gold, blue or red finishes. You can also acquire a stainless steel variant in graphite or a yellow gold finish. You can also acquire the premium APple Watch Edition in natural and space black titanium. 

Apple Watch series 6 solo loop

Strap options this year now include a unique Solo Loop that looks like the rubber ‘friendship bands’ from the late 90s. You get an elastic material without clasps or buckles that is made of either silicone or braided yarn to create a single form-fitting strap. To get the best fit possible, they’re offering nine different sizes for all wrist sizes.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price in Malaysia

In terms of pricing, Apple has revealed local pricing for Malaysia but has not yet stated exact availability just yet. From the ground up, you can get the 40mm version with a Sport Loop for RM1,749. A 40mm version with Cellular capability will set you back RM2,199. The larger 44mm version with a Sport Loop will cost you RM1,899 while the cellular capable version costs RM2,349.

Apple Watch series 6 price

The more premium stainless steel Apple Watch series 6 will only come with cellular capability and ship with a Sport Loop with the 40mm version retailing for RM2,999 and the 44mm version for RM3,249.

apple watch series 6 loops

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something cheaper, you can opt for their new Apple Watch SE which ships from RM1,199. In the meantime, you can check out their official page here.

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