Nasi Lemak McD is now a thing as Mcdonalds celebrates being Malaysian

Nasi Lemak McD is now a thing as Mcdonalds celebrates being Malaysian

Say of it what you will but Mcdonald’s is an institution. Ever since I was a kid, i’ve enjoyed their wares from the highly affordable McEgg of yore all the way to staples like their ubiquitous McChicken and Filet ó Fish. While there have been a few interesting offerings that have become regular staples like the annually anticipated Prosperity Burger, there hasn’t been a Mcdonald’s meal that has piqued our interest or which was uniquely Malaysian. Until now that is as Mcdonald’s Malaysia has rolled out their Nasi Lemak McD nationwide.

The Nasi Lemak McD has all the trimmings expected of Malaysia’s favourite meal. What you get is a generous helping of coconut milk enriched rice lavished with fried anchovies, slices of fresh cucumber, a fried egg and a dollop of spicy sambal on the side. Diners can optionally augment their meal with an additional glass of iced lemon tea and a piece of Mcdonald’s fried chicken.


How does the Nasi Lemak McD taste?

The dish has some concessions on account of standardisation and consistency among outlets but the core elements itself – the rice and sambal are surprisingly good.

The rice has a sufficient hint of coconut milk infused flavour and the sambal itself proved surprisingly flavourful. While it doesn’t exactly ring alarm bells, it’s just spicy enough for those with a modest tolerance to chilli to appreciate the dish.

Nasi lemak mcd

How much is the Nasi Lemak McD?

The Nasi Lemak McD is priced at RM5.99 during breakfast hours and is served with a cup of Iced Milo. During regular hours, the Nasi Lemak McD is available for RM12.99 with a piece of Mcdonald’s Fried Chicken and an Iced Lemon Tea.

If you’re particularly hungry, you can acquire a set that ups the amount to two pieces of fried chicken and the accompanying Iced Lemon Tea for RM15.99.

The good part? The Nasi Lemak McD is a permanent part of the menu and will be available at all Mcdonald’s Malaysia restaurants nationwide. For more details swing by

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