Nanoleaf elements cover

Now that we’re spending more time at home, it only makes sense to ensure our humble abode looks and feels like what we want it to be and the spanking new Nanoleaf Elements light wall panels that are now in Malaysia look to add an easy yet classy touch to any home.

Much like Nanoleaf’s other products, the Nanoleaf Elements consists of a series of hexagonal light panels that have been embellished with a faux wood texture with the panels lighting up on command.

Nanoleaf elements classy fire

Unlike Nanoleaf’s more mainstream offerings, the Nanoleaf Elements doesn’t light up like a multicoloured Christmas tree in either a warm yellow or cool white glow. The panels themselves are touch sensitive and can be synced to music or to alter throughout the day based on a circadian rhythm. 

Nanoleaf elements malaysia price

The brightness is adjustable and you can tweak them to be subtle night lights or bright enough for ambient lighting in the home. Best of all, they’re easy to install in any home with adhesive panels and interlock with each other to form an intricate grid to fit any home décor. And yes, they can be mixed and matched with conventional Nanoleaf panels too.

Nanoleaf elements cool light

Nanoleaf Elements Price in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Nanoleaf Elements is available in a variety of kits but the starter pack gives you seven panels for RM1,229 and up. They can be acquired online on Lazada and Shopee on the following links:

Shopee :

Lazada :