MSI x Phei Yong gaming

Phei Yong is now MSI’s laptop ambassador for Malaysia; celebrate with special discount codes

For those in the know, MSI doesn’t just make gaming laptops as they’re also a dab hand at offering custom crafted rigs ideally suited for content creation too like their Creator Z16 series and they’ve acquired some ardent fans such as entrepreneur and content creator Phei Yong who has just been announced as MSI’s laptop ambassador for Malaysia.

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Along with the official announcement, MSI Malaysia is also issuing a trio of special promotional codes with discounts up to RM500 when buying laptops on their official MSI Mystore Online portal.

MSI x Phei Yong special promotions and discount codes

From now until 31st October 2022, MSI will be offering special codes for laptops purchased on the aforementioned MSI Mystore Online portal at

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You can enjoy a special RM500 discount for purchasing any laptop off their MSI Content Creation range by using the code MSIPYCC, up to RM300 off if you’re using the code MSIPYGAMING on their MSI Gaming laptop range and up to RM200 off if you’re buying a laptop from their MSI & Productivity range using the code MSIPYBP.

A hefty RM500 discount is nothing to sneeze at and Phei Yong’s laptop of choice, the MSI Creator Z16 laptop can benefit from this hefty discount code. In terms of hardware, the MSI Creator 16 is a content creator’s dream come true with a huge 16-inch industry-standard colour  accuracy with a 16:10 golden ratio QHD+ True Pixel Display that is factory-calibrated  for Delta-E < 2 with CalMan verification as well as a 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, Intel Core i9 CPUs and GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics.

Chris Liao, Marketing Manager, MSI Malaysia said ,”As one of Malaysia’s most trusted  brands in gaming and a pioneer in solutions for empowering digital content creators  with our Content Creation Series laptops, we constantly strive to push performance  beyond limits in every way. We are truly honoured to collaborate with Phei Yong as  MSI laptop ambassador. His ceaseless quest for excellence in his craft as a content  creator resonates with what MSI stands for and aspires to.”

Phei Yong, 28-year old YouTuber and entrepreneur said, ”As a content creator and  managing director of my newly launched clothing brand, I am constantly on the go  and I require content creator laptops with the performance and reliability to fully  realise my creative vision, qualities which are embodied by MSI’s Content Creator  Series laptops in every way. I find that the MSI Creator Z16 Content Creator laptop to  be the perfect blend of portability and power that meets my needs. When creating  content, I require absolute colour accuracy which the MSI Creator Z16 can provide  on its large 16-inch QHD panel and touchscreen that adheres to the Golden Ratio  and which offers superb colour accuracy with its TrueColor software and support for  the DCI-P3 colour space that are absolutely essential for content creators.

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To celebrate his collaboration with MSI, Phei Yong has also crafted a special video where he shares his love for the brand. “My collaborative video with MSI shares our mutual vision of empowering content  creators to explore their creativity and achieve their fullest potential. All of us are  explorers in life trying to find our own way. As part of my creative and professional  journey, I am constantly exploring facets of my creativity and potential as an  entrepreneur, as a radio DJ and now as a content creator. The MSI Creator Z16 which  features a highly colour accurate display and high performance specifications has  been invaluable in empowering me in every aspect of my work in exploring my  creativity and to truly achieve my full potential,” said Phei Yong.

To check out MSI’s wide array of desktops, components and gaming laptops, check out their official page at  To check out Phei Yong’s exclusive video in collaboration with MSI, visit: