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It was a bright point in MSI’s history when they boldly set up their MSI Concept Store in the very heartland of tech in Malaysia just opposite Low Yat Plaza in 2017.

We covered its grand launch back then and it proved to be a golden age for gaming. Now, the MSI Concept Store will be relocating to a new location downtown and the present outlet will close its doors on 15th June 2021

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To date, MSI has not mentioned where exactly the new MSI Concept Store will be located in save that it will also be around downtown Kuala Lumpur and it will be opened in the second half of 2021.

MSI concept store gaming zone

We’ve had plenty of fond memories and were there when it had its official debut in Malaysia. The MSI Concept Store was two entire floors of pure unadulterated MSI gaming from stem to stern with their latest laptops on display and a venue for a Gaming Arena with the space and hardware for workshops and competitions too, making it a true area for the gaming community and MSI customers.

MSI concept store crowd

MSI Concept Store Facebook Giveaway

To celebrate their impending move, MSI Malaysia is offering a giveaway campaign on Facebook where fans can submit ideas on what to include in the new MSI Concept Store. The best ideas will win sweet swag! You can check it out on Facebook here.

MSI Concept Store FB
In the meantime, you can still check out MSI’s latest hardware at their G-K003A outlet in Low Yat plaza on the ground floor ahead of the relocation move. For product service needs, you can check out MSI’s Service Location page to find the nearest service center nearby.