MSI and Sony to offer exclusive Creator Workshop with fashion photographer Kyrios Lim 1

The new generation of content creators are needing more powerful and faster notebooks to more effectively create and edit videos and photos on the go and the MSI Creator series laptops are ideally designed for a content creator’s needs with power, performance and portability in a compact form factor.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility which is why MSI is teaming up with Sony to offer a special Creator Workshop that features professional photographers and how to master both MSI’s Creator series notebooks and Sony’s latest Alpha cameras.

MSI Creator
The MSI Creator workshop is a one-day intensive workshop that covers fashion photography and editing via Photoshop with renowned fashion photographer Kyrios Lim sharing his insight and knowledge with participants.

Participants can also get a firsthand look at MSI’s Creator series laptops that consist of 4 variants in Malaysia – the P75, the PS63, the PS62 and the P65 with 8th gen Intel core processors and prices starting from RM4,399.

The event will take place at the
Lowyat MSI Concept store on 20 July from 10AM to 3PM. Entry is free though you have to register and sign-up beforehand. For more details and to register swing by this link here:

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