MOFT Z portable standing desk hits Kickstarter 1

A standing desk, much less a portable one is usually a chunky affair that’s usually not man-portable but MOFT’s latest creation, the MOFT Z unfolds origami-style all the way to get you a portable standing desk wherever you go as it folds flat down to the size of a late-80’s pulp magazine.

moft z flat
Based on the official specifications, the MOFT Z can elevate up to a height of 10 inches and adjust the angle to either a 25-degree slant for easier typing or a 45-degree angle to turn it into a workstation in tandem with an external monitor. A tiny lip on the edge of the MOFT Z ensures that your notebook remains secure instead of sliding off into oblivion. The mechanism is also surprisingly robust and able to hold up to 10 or so kilos which exceeds all but the heaviest laptops. No surprising seeing as it’s constructed of fiberglass with magnets at strategic points to keep it deployed so it’s a bit on the heavy side at 850g.

moft z deploy
The Kickstarter will is now live with your choice of red, orange, turquoise and blue with an early bird price of US$49. For more details check out their official Kickstarter page at

moft z angled

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