Moft Z angled

As much as we love appreciate the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk, quite a few existing solutions prove to be unwieldy at best and ponderously chunky at worst, relegating you to fixed locations to work but innovative portable stand creator MOFT has come up with something that may just flip the whole idea of a standing desk upside down as it’s not only light but extremely portable to boot. Enter the MOFT-Z .

Moft Z

The MOFT-Z Invisible Sit-stand desk, to use its full name is a highly portable standing desk. that features an origami-style design. The genius at hand here is that it can fold completely fat to something that’s barely thicker than a thin gossip magazine.

When needed, you can twist and unfold it, turning into a stand capable of propping your notebook up on a desk to about eye level to make it easier to work standing up. If you’re working offsite and sitting in a waiting lounge, bus or whatnot, you can deploy it to serve as lap stand to make your laptop comfier to use.

Moft Z

The MOFT-Z is fortunately durable and it’s capable of supporting even the heaviest notebooks in the market without caving in which makes it a very tempting proposition for road warriors on the go and mobile workers.

If this floats your boat, the MOFT-Z Invisible Sit-stand desk will be hitting Kickstarter in early 2020 for an early bird price of USD49 which translates to about RM200. To make a stand, metaphorically speaking, you can swing by their Kickstarter page here.


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