The headache of having to acquire and manage a bunch of family phone and data plans may be a thing of the past as Maxis has just rolled out their new MaxisONE Prime plan today with the promise of endless data for your entire household.

MaxisOne Prime plan

The MaxisONE Prime plan offers unlimited home and mobile data with up to 100Mbps speeds on home fibre or via Maxis’ 4G network when out and about for up to five family members. The basic version of the plan which consists of 30Mbps fibre and one mobile line costs RM367 per month. Up to four supplementary mobile lines can be added to the plan for up to a total of five lines at RM48 per line and you can bump up the speed by forking out more cash. Adding RM40 a month gets you 50Mbps speeds while an additional RM120 per month gets you 100Mbps per month. Theoretically, if you max out your options with four additional lines and 100Mbps, you clock in at RM679 per month.

Other benefits to the MaxisONE Prime plan include a guarantee for zero downtime via their high-speed home fibre network. Should it go down, the home router automatically connects to Maxis’ 4G network as an immediate backup. Setting it up is also a doddle too as Maxis will send in their Maxpert team to set up the home Wifi and all connected devices along with the inclusion of a dedicated helpline for users should things happen to go south.

MaxisONE Plan

Some of the devices on offer with the MaxisONE Plan

With all that data, Maxis is also offering multiple means for people to use it on and MaxisONE subscribers can purchase phones, selected TVs and home audio systems with zero interest and zero upfront payment. Phones cover the gamut of devices from smartphones handpicked from their Zerolution plan from RM21 a month all the way to a massive edifice like the Samsung 65-inch UA64MU6100 4K UHD telly for RM223 a month with the TV itself costing RM5,942 off the shelf. For more details or to sign up for the MaxisONE Prime plan swing by

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