Maxis today announced that nearly 1.5 million of their MaxisONE plan subscribers will enjoy an automatic upgrade of their data quota to the tune of double their existing quota at no extra cost.

This means that a MaxisONE 98 user now gets 20GB, a MaxisONE 128 user gets 30GB, a MaxisONE 158 user gets a huge 40GB pool and a MaxisONE 188 user gets 50GB to use. This upgrade is free for life along with free weekend data too – this works out to the effect that MaxisONE 98 customers will get an additional 10GB of 4G weekend data too on the house. To sweeten the pot, all MaxisONE supplementary lines also get double the data quota too at no extra cost.


The chart below breaks down the awesome bonuses for your delectation. MaxisONE customers can also take advantage of Maxis RM1 4G smartphone deal with a host of phones on contract such as the Huawei P9, Samsung J7 and J5 and much more. For more details swing by their official site here.


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