Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes the usual thumb twiddling as you’re sitting out the interminable traffic on the way home or more likely a delayed flight.

monster video pass

Fortunately, you can eschew social niceties like talking to your fellow man and instead opt for more entertaining pursuits like watching cat videos on YouTube as Maxis has the Hotlink Monster Video Pass that lets you enjoy up to 1GB of video streaming and 500MB in all other Internet pursuits for just RM8 a day; about the price of a coffee at Starbucks. Fork out RM5 a day and you get 500MB worth of Internet use. There is a catch 22 though – the 1GB video streaming quota is only for YouTube videos.

Now, if you’ll excuse us we must melt our minds with a lethal combo of cat videos, Star Wars spoilers and that impressive Deadpool/Boba Fett rap battle video on YouTube.

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