Galaxy Note9 with S Pen

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In lieu of the customary easel, brush and paints, people today rely on the most ubiquitous item they have on hand to capture the moment – a smartphone camera. While almost every smartphone has a built-in camera albeit with varying levels of capability, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note9 sports a rear dual camera array capable of effortlessly capturing brilliant looking shots full of beautiful detail and lush colours anytime anywhere.

To achieve this, Samsung’s Galaxy Note9 packs an impressive dual rear camera array that consists of a pair of 12-MP cameras,  both of which come with optical image stabilisation (OIS) that ensures that both shots and videos remain crisp and free of judder while a powerful ensemble of complementary technologies make each and every shot pleasingly gorgeous.

Where both rear cameras differ is that one 12-MP camera integrates a Dual Aperture lens that can automatically change between F/1.5 for low light shots to F/2.4 for shots in bright daylight much like how the human eye dilates and contracts when encountering light. This allows for beautiful shots whether it’s on a bright sunlit day or a dim night. The fact that this solution is implemented in a chassis as slim as the Galaxy Note9 makes it a technological marvel indeed.

The second 12-MP rear camera in the Galaxy Note9 comes with a telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom. Working in tandem together, both rear cameras allow for users to capture images in sharp detail and even artfully blur the background in a unique Live Focus mode. Where the Galaxy Note9 comes into its own though is its powerful Pro mode.

Galaxy Note9 Pro Mode

For those who know their way around a camera, the Galaxy Note9 currently has one of the most powerful cameras ever crammed into a smartphone. By activating Pro Mode, savvy users who know their way around a camera can manually adjust exposure levels, white balance levels, aperture settings, manually alter the focus and tweak the ISO  to unleash the full potential of the Galaxy Note9’s dual rear cameras. In conjunction with the ability to save images in RAW format, the Galaxy Note9 and its Pro Mode offer immense creative possibilities. 

Even if you’re a novice, the Galaxy Note9’s immensely capable Auto mode help you capture truly shareworthy shots. Just to take things to the next level, the Galaxy Note9’s rear cameras offer an intelligent Flaw Detection mode as well as a Scene Optimiser algorithm in the background that is actually able to identify the nature of the subject onscreen and then use one of 20 existing special modes to intelligently enhance the white balance, brightness, contrast and saturation for excellent results every time.

The rear cameras of the Galaxy Note9 are capable of capturing immense amounts of detaill. Note the hairs and whiskers on the cat.

The rear cameras of the Galaxy Note9 are capable of capturing immense amounts of detail. Note the hairs and individual whiskers on the cat. Please click the image for a full-sized version.

Stay tuned for more interesting features on the capabilities of the Galaxy Note9 as we delve deeper into its capabilities.

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