MTG Double Masters 2022

One of the most delightful aspects of collecting and playing Magic the Gathering is the sublime feeling when you crack open a new booster and discover what rares or foils you get. The new Double Masters 2022 set for Magic the Gathering quite literally doubles this feeling with  two rares and two foils in every pack.

Double Masters 2022 04 2x2-Wrenn

What is the new Magic the Gathering Double Masters 2022 set?

The Double Masters 2022 set consists of 331 cards and arrives this coming 8th July 2022 with reprints of iconic cards in foil etched form like Planeswalkers Wrenn and Six, Liliana, The Last Hope and more as well as 80 borderless cards across all rarities. 

Double Masters 2022 02 2x2-Eldrazi

Double Masters 2022 03 2x2-Liliana

The new Magic the Gathering Double Masters set is available as draft boosters, draft packs and collector boosters too. For more details, check out